Robert Standefer

Technologist, Philosopher, Theorist, Writer

I started working in the software business in the earliest days of the web. Those were exciting times. I love creating beautiful things that make people happy and push the limits of what is possible.

When I was younger I chased my dreams. I tried lots of things, like creating the first CAD application for the BeBox and building a web-based modeling tool. I've done all kinds of projects for all kinds of companies, including Dell, IBM, Nortel, and HP. I started several companies because I love to do new things. I am a Generator.

I work for Microsoft as an envisioning architect. I define and visualize the strategic possibilities for enterprises using our products and services.

I am constantly learning and building deep expertise in multiple topics. I crave and chase fascination. I collect cars.

Some of the things I'm interested in lately include peer production, human-computer interaction, color field painting, decision theory, augmenting intellect research, philosophy of language, graphic recording, visual rhetoric and semiotics in formal modeling, computational linguistics, and experiental writing.

My interests are lovely and deep,
and I have years to go before I sleep.

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